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History of New Netherland

 By Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan

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Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science
by Johns Hopkins University, Herbert Baxter Adams - 1889
Title varies slightly.
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by United States Office of Education - 1966
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Quixotic Fictions of the USA 1792-1815
by Sarah Florence [VNV] Wood - 2005 - 295 pages
Quixotic Fictions of the USA 1792-1815 explores the conflicted and conflicting interpretations of DonQuixote available to and deployed by disenchanted writers of America's new...
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Other editions

History of New Netherland Or, New York Under the Dutch
by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan - 1848
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History of New Netherland Or, New York Under the Dutch
by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan - 1848
Vol. 2 has imprint: New York, Bartlett and Welford, D. Appleton and company, 1848.
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History of New Netherland Or, New York Under the Dutch
by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan - 1846
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History of New Netherland Or, New York Under the Dutch
by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan - 1848
Vol. 2 has imprint: New York, Bartlett and Welford, D. Appleton and company, 1848.
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History of the State of New York
by John Romeyn Brodhead - 1853
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History of the City of New York in the Seventeenth Century
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Places mentioned in this book

New York - Page 185
Verplanck, was a leading merchant in New York in 1683, and having an interest in the north part of the manor of Cortland, moved thither. ...
more pages: 26 48 78 156 212 323
Brooklyn - Page 303
The Bay" adjoined Jamaica ; and the Marechhawick Indians dwelt between that and Brooklyn. " The great plains" are those of Hempstead, LI, ...
more pages: 61
Staten Island - Page 238
was established in the beginning of this year on the main behind Staten Island, and extended from Achter Cul, or Newark Bay, north to Tappaan. ...
more pages: 101 233 240 266 419 420
Heemstede - Page 299
Having landed without molestation, they marched to Heemstede, and having succeeded in killing an Indian spy, whom they had discovered on the lookout, ...
more pages: 303 317 318 486
Amersfoort - Page 173
Elbert Elbertsen and Thomas Spicer, from Amersfoort, (says Stuyvesant in 1653,) usurped their lands many years ago without any deed They are occupying ...
more pages: 269 438 440
Hartford - Page 233
The authorities at Hartford seem to have felt as much aggrieved by the resistance of the Dutch, as the latter felt injured by the attacks of the ...
more pages: 232 251 254 281 379
Amsterdam - Page 98
Publications descriptive of the various plantations in North America began to emanate now from the press in Amsterdam, and plans were submitted for ...
more pages: 29 198 234 361 381
Yonkers - Page 250
in the course of the spring, at the house of a settler named Jonas Bronck, who resided on a river to which he gave his name, situate east of Yonkers, ...
more pages: 383 390
New Haven - Page 380
than he had with their meeting at New Haven ; as, for aught they knew, they could show as good a commission for the one as he could for the other.1 ...
more pages: 169 253 254 289 375
Albany - Page 320
and thus were laid the foundations of those moral, wealthy, and prosperous settlements which we now behold in and around the present city of Albany.1 ...
more pages: 39 185 212 389 434
Plymouth - Page 169
and the people of Plymouth and Massachusetts colonies, when they attempted to drive them from it, came without a shadow of title from the Plymouth ...
more pages: 92 135 137 147 170
Flushing - Page 298
Hist. N. Eng., 426. Patrick's wife's name was Annetje van Beyeren. She married subsequently Tobias Feeck, sheriff of Flushing.
more pages: 49
Greenwich - Page 218
in the spring of this year, at Petuquapaen, now called Greenwich. Director Kieft protested against them, and warned them that they should be driven ...
more pages: 205 252 297 300
Smithtown - Page 355
1 The Matinecock Indians claimed jurisdiction over the lands east of New- town as far as the west line of Smithtown, and probably to the west side of ...
Texel - Page 431
69.12 For purchase and expense of 3 calves from Jacob Clas-sen, and had by myself, 32.00 For freight of three calves, from here to Texel, . ...
more pages: 28 430
Breukelen - Page 435
In 1657 he rented, in company with Cornelis Theunis. van Breukelen, for three years, the Upper Mills, (as the mills on the Pa-troon's creek were ...
more pages: 484
Greenwich, Conn - Page 302
great battle fought between the Dutch and Indians in that part of Horse Neck called Strickland's plain, now included in the town of Greenwich, Conn. ...
Schagen - Page 142
Claes Jacobsen van Schagen acted as overseer at Fort Amsterdam, at which place the Rev. Everardus Bogardus officiated as minister of the gospel.1 ...
Veere - Page 434
Maryn Adriaensen van Veere. This was the freebooter who afterwards played so prominent a figure in Kieft's time. Thomas Witsent. ...
more pages: 430
Southold - Page 50
The Corchaug Indians claimed hence to Southold, on the north side, while the territory of the Manhassetts was Shelter Island. ...
more pages: 17 205
Trenton - Page 372
he spread a rumor among the Indians that the Dutch intended to build a fort near " the great falls" (of Trenton,) to be garrisoned by two hundred and ...
London - Page 98
It has been asserted that the Dutch ambassador at London disclaimed, on the part of the States General, any such pro ...
more pages: 32 103 122 131 255
Chesapeake - Page 48
west by the height of land which separates the waters falling into the Delaware from those that empty into the Susquehanna and Chesapeake. ...
Boston - Page 234
and officiated afterwards in the great meeting-house in Boston, at which place he enjoyed a high reputation and was much respected. ...
more pages: 147 152 153 279 280
Quebec - Page 92
containing no principles or privileges favorable to colonists, were founded, by companies of speculators, the cities of Quebec and Montreal. ...
more pages: 323
Watertown - Page 298
He was made a freeman, ad-mitted a member of the church of Watertown, but being proud and otherwise vicious, he was left of God to a profligate life, ...
more pages: 186
Bronx - Page 383
thence to the Shorakapkock kill and to Papirinimen Creek, called by the Dutch " Spuyten- duyvel," whence it stretched eastward to the river Bronx. ...
Brussels - Page 94
He was next called to Brussels, where he preached six years ; but this city falling into the enemy's hands, he passed into Holland disguised as a ...
more pages: 122
Derby, Conn - Page 376
1 The ancient Indian name of Derby, Conn., and of the river Naugattuck, which empties into the Housatonic. Am. Hist. Mag. i. 203, note.
Augsburg - Page 368
and the homage which belong to him, and to take good measures that the Divine service is performed according to the true confession of Augsburg, ...
Haverstraw - Page 282
In the mean while, Pacham, the crafty leader of the Tanki- tekes of Haverstraw, visited all the Indian villages, and stim-ulated the savages to rise ...
Lisbon - Page 29
a native of Flanders, then in prison for debt at Lisbon, who represented that, having made several voyages with the Portuguese to India, ...
Schenectady - Page 323
He was one of the leaders in the settlement of Schenectady in 1661-2 ; and on the surrender of New Netherland, was specially sent for by Governor ...
Rome - Page 267
Director Kieft was panting to perform a feat worthy of the heroes of ancient Rome, and he was determined not to listen to reason. ...
Meppel - Page 436
Margaret, one of the daughters, married, in 1667, Jan Jansen Bleecker, who came from Meppel, province of Overyssel, to America, in 1658, ...
Southampton - Page 99
of the West India Company the privileges conferred by the treaty of Southampton on the vessels of the States General—Progress of trade—Renewed efforts ...
more pages: 14 110 217
Montreal - Page 92
containing no principles or privileges favorable to colonists, were founded, by companies of speculators, the cities of Quebec and Montreal. ...
Philadelphia - Page 369
situ- ^~ ate some ten or twelve miles below Philadelphia, where he erected a pretty strong fort, by laying heavy hemlock logs the one on the other. ...
Windsor - Page 153
Having arrived at the mouth of the river, Holmes ascended the stream wijth his vessel towards a spot since called Windsor, the site of the proposed ...
Nuremberg - Page 139
concluded a peace with the Dutch, who pre-sented them, in ratification of the treaty, with some duffels, bullets, axes, and Nuremberg trinkets. ...
Stafford - Page 281
But having been un-successful at court, he addressed himself to the king's favorite, Stafford, then viceroy of Ireland, who took upon himself to grant ...
Rosendal - Page 436
Rutger Jacobsen van Schoenderwoerdt ; married in New Amsterdam, anno 1646, Tryntje Jansen van Briestede, (who died at her son's in Rosendal, in 1711. ...
Dublin - Page 441
Jan Andriessen van Dublin, leased a bouwerie in 1649, described as lying "north of Stoney point, being the north half of the Flatt. ...
York - Page 227
white linen, 18 to 20 stiv., red flannel, $1.20 per ell ; children's shoes, 36 stiv., or six York shillings a pair ; brass kettles, 40 cents apiece. ...
Matanzas - Page 111
and in the autumn of this year, captured, in Matanzas bay, Sept. 9. the Spanish " Plate fleet," consisting of twenty sail, laden with gold, silver, ...
Stockholm - Page 188
The project was postponed, until Peter Minuit, on being dismissed by the Dutch West India Company, directed his steps to Stockholm, and by his ...
Gloucester - Page 100
mouth, at a spot called by the natives Techaacho, in the vicinity of the present town of Gloucester, he erected Fort Nassau, This was the first ...
Darmstadt - Page 206
Prominent among these were Joachim Pietersen Kuyter, of Darmstadt, who had. 1 De maniere die de West Indische Compagnie gevolcht heeft in 't eerste ...
Osnabrück - Page 477
Osnabrück linen, ". Duffels, ". A trimmed shirt, or chemise,. A blanket, or coverlet,. A linen gown, [roke,] . Shoes, per pair,. Children's do., . ...
Paris - Page 455
Published •' Arithmetica, Grœca et Latina," at Paris, quarto, 1555 ; " Geometria," at Basle, quarto, 1596. [Watt.] , ...
Vredendal - Page 186
GG, 57 ; i., 65 ; ii., 33 ; iii., 419 ; La Montague's farm was called Vredendal, or the Valley of Peace. It belonged to Hendrick de Foreest, deceased, ...