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~Vol.3 No. 4 July -Avg- 1985





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PRESIDENT: George Chambers (416) 751-7559

LIBRARIANS: Martin Mauk tapes ASS T LIBRARIANS: D. Cooper and TREASURER: Greg Lloyd


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oY RGR ka

Ian Robertson SINC-LINK August 1985 UPDATES: J want to thank all of you who wrote to ae with advise and comments on just what you would purchase, i.e. disc, watadrive, microdrive (both Sinclair and Ak J), Spectrum, Portugese 72048, etc. To bring you up to date I bought a Spectrum Plus, Interface 1 and 2 Microdrives. There sure are quality problems at Sinclair! For exasple - one of the drives was perfect while the other was aot (I am being kind), the cable joining the drives to Interface 1 had an intermittent opea circuit and the heat sink inside the Spectrum was barely held on by the bolt through the regulator/board. But once those items were corrected I as glad to report that all is runaing well and lives up to expectations. The drives are actually quieter than I anticipated and the access/loading times are quite acceptable. finally got Hisoft running and beleive it or not it was that dreaded "tape recorder output" problem that we all know and do not admire, It took 7 recorders until I found one that would work .It was the 152020 with a 7.5 volt DC power supply that did the job. Since purchasing ARTWORX (RANEX INTERNATIONAL 1762? 26 MILE ROAD WASHINGTON NI 48094) I have been pleased with the User Friendly aspect of it. As if this needed reinforcing I purchased another program of this type called THE ARTIST (Softek Int). While this is the top rated UK Spectrum progras {according to the June issue of YOUR SPECTRUM), it not only Jacks some of ARTWORX sophistication but is also far from being User Friendly. All things considered ARTWORX is stil] a BEST BUY.

TS2068 The big news is the number of disc drive interfaces ዘፀ now have to choose from WHAT A DIFFERENCE! On the local scene we have one from LARKEN ELECTRONICS, R.R.2, NAVAN, ONTARIO, KOA 250, telephone 613-835-2680. It is a very reasonably priced and very wel] assembled controller board complete with all cables and connectors. For $117.95 ($89.95 US) plus shipping, you get an interface that is compatible with the

192068 and the Spectrum emulaotor, At the aonent there are tno

happy TSUG members whirring away with this system, It supports one Shogart SA455 DSSD drive (160k total). While this say not seem like a Jot, think of those thousands of happy Apple Users with only 128k and one drive! The DOS is on a 2k eprom and on a supplied disc. ለ5 iaprovesents are available you will be notified and an updated eprom will be available. ALL THINGS CONSIDERED - THIS ITEM IS ANOTHER BEST BUY. One other new disc system is the 3" Timex Portugal being sold by Bob Dyl of THE ENGLISH MICRO CONNECTION 15 KILBURN COURT NEWPORT RI 02840 telephone 401-849-3805. The discs are available Jocally from Exceltronix at 319 College St. 921-8941. The Portugese system will also be carried by ZEBRA SYSTEXS 78-06 Jamaica Ave. WOODHAVEN NY 11421 telephone 718-276-2385. The yet to be released disc systes of John Oliger/Ray Kingsley from THE JOHN OLIGER CO. 11601 WHIDBEY DR. CUMBERLAND IM 46227 sounds like a winner tuo. It will consist of 3 boards (eventually) and the specs. iizicate that it will be hard to beat. For information send a BASE to Jahn at the above address. Good news for anyone requiring 192048 repairs. The following two locations ዘ111 perfors repairs, {1) TS CONNECTION, 3832 VATTERSON, CINCINNATI, OHID 45227, telephone 513-271-5575 troa 8 aa to 10 pa EST, (2)


SPECTRUM There are several new and some not quite 50 new programs that have simply blown ዘሃ aind, 111 name a few BETA BASIC 3.0 (update of version 1.8), MEGA BASIC (from Your Spectrum), BLAST (a truly sophisticated compiler), SUPERCODE 3 (toolkit with 152 utilities}, MUSIC TYPEWRITER {compose/play ausic and prints out 80 column) and ALIEN 8 (game), All of these are available from Bob Dyl at EMC. 50 far I've mentioned YOUR SPECTRUM twice and not elaborated. It is a GREAT Spectrua dedicated aagazine available from YOUR SPECTRUM, SUBSCRIPTIONS, 14 RATHBONE PLACE, LONDON WIP 1DE, U.K, at 825.00 (pounds Sterling). Like all UK publications they are quite gase oriented. They also take Mastercard and Visa, but be sure to Include your cards expiry date. I know they take plastic because that is hon I paid for ay subscriprion, back issues ard Mega basic. WARNING - if you buy U.K. software - make sure to copy it IMMEDIATELY upon receipt. I have had four tapes that either bind inside the case or break off inside due to binding, To sake matters worse, U.K. cassettes do not have screws. Therefore you cannot take them apart and add lubrication to the rollers like you can with Narth American cassettes. To add yet another insult to injury I have bad several U.K, tapes that are of such a low bias that they do not have adequate volume to load consistantly. This is where a Radio Shack mini amplifier helps. I am presently ‘in the process of adapting the Spectrum + from PAL ta NTSC and to use a composite video monitor. I have ordered the 152049 14,112 MHZ Yi crystal and will see what it does to Steady/upgrade the picture. More in my next columa. I have already converted the Sinclair power supply by replacing the transformer with a 115/18ሃር፲ 1 amp 60 HZ transforner,

TS1OOQ Exciting news! Peter McMullen’s ዘ08051ዘር 11.5 and WORD FONT V1.2 are finished, released and a copy of each is residing in ay ever expanding software library {300+ cassettes). WHAT A PAIR OF PROGRAMS! I4 you have a centrosics interface (either 151000 OR 752048) Peter will sell you a custom version tor it (lat the same price). This 518ዐ1ሃ means that if you are presently running a [52048 word processing system and you have a TS1000/2X81 hanging around - you ran put it to work , either as a backup system or as a seperate system (sharing the sane centronics iatertace), Al) this for $30.00 (WS 11.5) and $15.00 (WF V1.2) plus postage, They are available from PETER McMULLEN 2340 QUEEN STREET EAST TORONTO ONT. ዘጀ 169 telephone 416-694-3171, or trom INTEGRATED DATA SYSTEMS 30 BROOKMOUNT ROAD TORONTO ONT. NAL SNL, telephone 414-699-6380. IDS takes plastic. I have used both programs (more than once) and consider thes Comparable to using Mscript and Tasprint dtor the 152048) together lif that were possible). TRULY A BEST BUY!! The other ፳1805! impossible to believe item is the JOHN OLIGER VIDEO UPGRADE (or the JLOL000 Plus). This hardware upgrade makes your humble ፲21000/2፳81 into a flicker-free colour computer with upper/Jower case characters and a SLOW NODE THAT RUNS ALAUST AS FAST AS THE FAST MODE. What a way to liven up a Basic program! It prints out upper and lower case on either the 152040 or an 80 column printer (with the correct centronics interfacing). To use it you must have a composite video monitor. For further inforaation send a SASE to John Oliger at the address mentioned previously. THIS HAS BEEN A VERY GOOD MONTH FOR TS1000 USERS!!!!


no.g in a series


by Peter MeMullin

Howdy, folks. Many of us just don’t fave auch time for hacking around with our computers in the summer acnths, but that doesn’t mean everything stops! I’ve heard several people say "the 7X81 market is dead" lately. Upon examining the current selection of ፲፤ሀ1/121000 software k hardware ads in 7-5 HORIZONS, SYMCHARE NEWS, TIME DESIGNS, and other magazines & newsletters, I'd say the aforegentioned people must have their ቁስ up some dark tole. The pickings are still rich: I’ve never seen a livelier “dead” coaputer!


Last issue, I printed a “correction” regarding interrupts š the John Oliger Video Upgrade- but I was right the first tine! My apologies to. John 01108", who sent àg the correct inforsation just a day too late to include it last tiae.

John says:

".,Regarding vectored Mode 2 interrupts and the Video Project: The Video Project DOES INDEED open up the use af Mode 2 interrupts. This hardware uses only the NHI interrupt and 881288 as a restart. No use is fade of the aaskable interrupts, 50 they CAN be used with the Video Project IF;

1] Ab is cut from the 180 INT line inside your computer.

2) pullup resistor is installed ሀበ the INT line (1K-10K ok) 2) The NODE 2 instruction is executed, & proper vectors & handlers (along with the EI instruction) are loaded in..."

So there it is. ZX84/TS1000 users with the Video Project ld take note of the COMPUTUS INTERRUPTUS series ኔሃ des irzozowski, in SINCUS ከ582, Although it’s 2068 oriented, this series gives a good insight into the use of interrupts, and is well written.




AUNT ዘር aN Hi GH MEMORY: Jolin Gliger has twice published a circuit for bdk users which peraits you to run machine code in the 32-45K block

584900-88፻፻፻)! in SG, YOL.2 No.2, and Syacdare News, VOL.2 No.5, This circuit consists of 1 15, a 741810, which is use ta decode Hi, Aid, and AlS between the 180 4 the ULA. A trace must be cut on the 7X81 board to install the decoder, but installation is quite sinple.

If you are running the Oliger Video Upgrade, you can take this a step further, and actually run MC above $C000- all the way to $FFFF! This reines a slight circuit modification as well, this tise to the RAM pack. Host O4K RAMS have the Als line gated by 11. The required modification is ta defeat the Hi gating of ፳15, so that ñ15 gets treated like any other address ling. There are several ways this can be done, depending on the RAN pack, but it aust be done on the memory card, You may want to aake this switchable, so the RAM will be usable with a regular-video computer. Placing an ON-OFF ceitch in series with the M1 line from the edge connector trace to the semory circuits, and a 4.7K resistor from the memory side of the switch ta ቶኛ, ያስፀሀ፤ያ do the trick, Check wext issue’s ERROR REPORTS in case of any updates on this 899)

ergai 0:54 SYSTEMS:

if you're a sericus 2X user, the thought of getting a disk interface must have crossed your aind at some point. You can pick up perfectly good (used) SSDD floppy drives these days for 490.00 or less, and new slimline 0300 drives can often be had for under $167.00. Cases, often with power supplies intact, can be picked up at ridiculously cheap prices droo several surplus parts suppliers.

1 recently picked up a used TEAC drive with supply, and decided to take the plunge. LARREEN:

Larken Electronics R Reiz

Mayan, ONT.

Canada K4B 1H?

„has been advertising a disk controller card and DOS for the 1X81 and 2063, supporting standard Shugart 56453 coapatible drives, for the incredible price of $119.00 CAN.

1 promptly phoned Larken, only to find that while the 2068 version is indeed available froa stock, the 749i version has not yet been completely debugged. It could be ready in a few weeks, or months. If you send a stamped SAE to Larken, they'll notify you when the ZX version 15 ready to deliver. It stands as the least expensive disk cantraller being offered for the ፲1- when it becomes available!

Severely bitten by the "disk

case & power

ae I decided “Hang the budget... I want a disk system '28፡”, A phone call to ርዐቨዮሀ5ዘ revealed that they are በሀ longer manufacturing their 1431 Floppy Disk systea, although Tom Bent tells ag that 5-2 KEY, in Quincy, Mass., still has COMPUSA systems available for $430.00 (Complete Systea)., The Coapusa DOS is noted for its friendliness, but it is an expensive 5ሃ5128. After ruling out the Compusa choice, I got in touch with... PEPLO:


7ፅዐፀ Robalo Road,

Austin, TX 79757


(512) 451-5074

በፎየርዐ is the "pioneer" producer af disk systems for Sinclair computers. A phone call to Jerry at Aerco answered all ay questions, and wade a very positive impression. The ስርጋ systen is sald as modular components, which is great for

someone who already has floppy drives & power supplies, The

Contraller card & DGS is $179.00 U.5., and an AUTOBOOT RON card is $59.00 U.S., or $99.00 U.S. with Centronics interface built in. Add 85,00 per order far shipping.

all this research, I decided to order the sten. I expect it to arrive any day, and will detailed report on wy initial adventures with the erco system in my next ርዐ1ሀ8በ, I haven't forgotten the LARKEN system, in fact I intend ta get one when they’re ready, and print a comparative revieu af the SERCO & LARKEN aradurts.


have a

ጅሯ.። =<: wi

Pa 4

Mii Ger “ri ኔ|323ዚፎፔ:

While ሀበ the disk subject, it is worth nating that John ሀ1198፻ is nearing completion of his disk system for the 2089, with Ray Kingsley of SINWARE writing the DOS. 2968"ዩየ5 are awaiting this one with Gated breath: the results af the Qliger/Kingsley teag-up are bound to be top-notch. Jahn has indicated that his disk controller card will work on the 2381, and that Ray "wight write a DOS for it if there is a big éncugh deaand.", If you are prepared to wait far a while, but would like ta see an Qliger/kingsley disk systew for the 481, then write to Ray Kingsley, c/o GINWARE SOFTWARE, P.O. Box 8032, Santa Fe, WA 97504, and give Ray your encouragement!


creel ፔፕ

A couple of years ago, AERCO was advertising a “full-blown P/M 2.2" for the 23, In wy conversation with Jerry, I asked ñ what ever happened ta this. dis answer, in a nutshell, was es, the CP/M setup dogs exist, and is available if you want t. However, it was considered impractical because very little CP/M software could be run ዕበ the 32-coluan screen.

Recently I have heard suggestions that st least one company was planning an 80-ር01, video card for the ZX just prior to the TIMEX dropout. If ANYONE has ANY into about an 90 col. video card that wight be married to the AERCU 2X-CF/M machine, please drop re a line and let me know.

ከ1 Y i

=ኔ አገሯ --ጾጅክፔኔ=መፕ 4.3:


24 2nd Street East


Canada 57H 1፪1 aa has some incredible software available these days. Sinc-Artist 1.3 15 a program which 1 very similar to Zebra Systems’ Tech-Draw for the 204d, ፳-ስ lets you create pictures with 2544192 resolution, for output on a 2040 printer. The screen is a 48464 pixel windon on the hi-res picture, and scrolls around freely over the picture. The program has 40 different (redefinable) fill patterns, pencil and brush "draw" tades, a complete selection of shapes and filled shapes, including circles, rectangles, triangles, quadrilaterals} lines, rays, automatic horizontal or vertical area filling, and opaque or transparent draw modes. The picture can be printed cut as normal COPY size, or in 4 strips which make a 11,312" poster. The program has a friendly, interactive aenu system, and is written completely in machine code. Pictures . can be SAVEG.

Sinc-Artist 15 $11.95 CAN. + $2.00 shipping from Callisto.

I was so knocked out by 8፤በር “የ1181, I really wanted to be able ta print the pictures out via Centronics interface, to ay 80-ር81. dot matrix printer. The author of 5-A, Janes Hastings-Trew, has supplied ae with all the info required to

do this. I aa planning to write fullsize printer routines for SeA, for use with any printer I/F and fullsize dot matrix printer. The 2040 will still be supported, but those with big printers will be able to print pictures aut in 3 different This will take awhile- maybe in

' Bau FAN sires, from 4"፪5” to 71"ዘ20".

tiae tor Christmas.

Pg. 5

en HI-RES:

Callista also sent ne a sample/demo of a very impressive

software Hi-Res for the 2161. ZX Hi-Res gives you upper ፳፪ lower case on screen, very credible {28#192 platting resolution, and a toolkit of graphics routines nearly

comparable to those provided by Sinc-Artist. The program 15 not yet commercially available, and user documentation has not been written. If you're የከ write ta Callisto & let James know.

Jages Hastings-Trew mentioned that he has also written some neat graphics-toolkit stuff far the TNS7718 VDP, which will surely be af interest to JLO Video Upgrade owners. James has a Kolorworks board for his 11, which also uses the 7M59919. The VDP port addresses (and perhaps some other details) would have ta be nodified for the Qliger systen, but based on the quality

of the other Callisto offerings, 1 suspect it will be wel) worth the effort. TUB? TS:

„Paul Hunter's series on BANK SWITCHING, originally

published in T-S HORIZONS, 15 now being carried in revised fora by the Triangle Sinclair User’s Group Newsletter. Never a better tiae to join the Triangle group- write c/o Doug Dewey, 206 James St., Carrboro, ዘር 27510. Subscription/Dues are $10.00 U.5. per year, and well worth it,

s YO Can Virtually eliminate crashes due to connector wobble, just by keeping those contacts CLEAN! Use pure Freon TF (sold as "professional" tape head cleaner at Radio Shack) with a Q-Tip to clean all contact surtaces periodically. A good (NDN-SILICONE!!) contact cleaner/preservative, such as CRAKOLIN, mixed with the Freon, works miracles. | use this stuff, and haven't had a connector-related crash in months. Sources far good contact treatwents will be printed next issue.

veeThis article was printed as you see it using Word Sinc ፤1,5 (and a 2181, of course).

,..1 leave you with a 540918 picture created using SINC-ARTIST 1.3. This picture was originally printed ut on a 2040 printer in poster size, then photographically reduced to what you see here, See you again in the Sept-Oct issue.

Micra Drive

I would have to say that the AX J Micro Drive is basically a very fast cassette and does*t really approximate a disc operatig system. My reason for this 35 quite clear when I examined the commands

available. These commands are:




SAVE " "CODE S.L LOAD "CODE 5,L SAVE " "SCREENS LOAD "SCREENS These iagok remarkably similar to the commands for using a cassette recorder. However there are a few subtle differences. All blank micro cassettes must be formatted before beig used. This is accomplished by using the command SAVE *" i, +". Now the micro cassette is ready for use.

The FORMAT command does not work.

In the process of saving the symbol " " must be included in the save name in order to flag the micro drive, followed by the file number (what order on the tape it is saved) (1-9) and then followed by the name you choose. this means then that the operation of the micro drive requires that 3 characters be included in the save name so that the actual name can ጋበ1ሃ letters unlike the cassette save which allows a maximun of 10 characters in the save name. With a disc operating system there is a CAT function to heip keep track of the files written on the disk but this micro drive does not offer this luxury. The user is forced to remember or personally record the file number of each item so that you don*t accidentily write into an area that is already occupied. Also we are never realy sure of how many bytes of storage are free on the cassette and atten I nave tried to write more an the tape than it could hold causing an END OF FILE error message to appear. i

have 7

save is a file. For instace this (Tasword II) requires two be saved; ane for the basic

Each program files to

and one for the machine cod part. In order to save a file of tex! on the same micro cassette that the Tasword is on the command would br SAVE n Sy anyname" (of course without spaces in the save name whict included only to improve legibility. As another example the Program vuSd requires 4 files ta tr saved.


When your using the micro drive yo are not limited to 9 files per ጠ3ርሆር cassette. The manufacturer states that after ? a tenth file can ከዩ ranked using the symbol that follows in the ASCI code and that would be MaM Presumably an eleventh file could be saved by using the next symbol to follow in order which woulc be "3", however I have never had this many files on one cassette so whether it works or not is purely conjecture. In order to ioad, the load name only has to contai the " symbol and the name: the file number is nat necessery for loading.

Similar to a standard cassette there is a write project tab on each micro cassette which if broken off can be easily simulated with a piece of tape. One point of caution worthy of mentioning is that much care has ta be used wen inserting these micro cassettes as it is difficult to tell when they are properly in place. I have already carelessly wasted one 328 cassette as it began unraveling inside the drive. Fortunately I shut it down before any damage was done but I could not salvage the tape. The micro cassettes come in S lengths: Lentgh.. .(feet)..Capacity (kbyt) iG i4

20 28

35 I 49

sO 7a

62 85

Up toa this point I have not discussed the overall advantage of this over the stadard cassette, I have tabulated the results of same loading times for various programs.


Program Cassette Time to Size Load Tasword 20° 29 secs NAME /tasword 10° 20 secs ኣሥ1-=ር1 <= 42 secs SCREEN/tasword 65° 38 secs vufile u 20 secs

I have found the micro file very user friendly for the limited amount it will do. The necessary conversions in the basic programs to use the micro drive with programs that run automatically are as elementary as using the stadard cassette.

Error Codes are:




The unit that I purchased was from FHEONI X ENTERPRISES in Dover, Delaware for a price of $231.00 Cdn. not counting the 104 import duty. Included was the interface, the drive, six microcassettes of various Sizes and a holder which is really a filer for business cards but the cassettes fit in it neatly. Although nothing is wrong with the unit itself 1. have had some other items prepaid and on back-order since January and not yet shipped. Due to an anwillingness of this company to refund my money oar even communicate with me about this problem I cannot reccomend them to anyone but Commodore 64 users.

The interface allows a second drive selling for $99 US which can be activated by poking 1 into address 24201. Poking Q into the same address returns interface to control of the first drive. Coming off the interface is a printer part that I haven’t explored yet but the printer cable and softwere are $49.50 US from the

manufacturer. Also SUN-WGRE sells the 8SK cassettes for $4 US.

note I would like to add seen the ROTRONICS WAFA Tt costs #319 Cdn,

As a ciosing that T have DRIVE in action.


duty, from DANCO and has 2 drives, a serial and parallel port and it comes with Spectral Writer and

an OMI-EMU cartridge ante a

that slides into the Port of the 2068 to turn it Spectrums This drive does behave more like a disk in that there is a CAT function that keeps tab of what is on the tape. The WAFA DRIVE uses the exact same micro cartridges as the A&J drive but there is greater storage capacity: instead of 85k the max is 128K. the drawback is that the WAFA DRIVE reads slower. Also I’m not sure about changing my main mode of Operation into Spectrum in order ta use the WAFA DRIVE. We could not load Tasman II with the OMI-EMU in place which is really irrelevant since the

Spectral Writer is a superior word Processor. For now Ill stick with Yankee ingenuity and Products

designed exclusively for the 2068


52፡፪ #39853 4”.


The 7040 Printer Interface a short lesson in decoding by Cameron Hayne

I/O port

Inside the funny shaped black box at the end of the’printer cable, the one you plug into your computer, isa circuit board with a capacitor, two ferrite rods and a chip. The purpose of the capacitor and the rodsis to reduce the effects of electronic noise. The purpose of the chip, a’ 74LSI10N triple 5።”3 በፀህቲ NAND gate, is to deliver a "pay attention” signal to the printer to tell it when the

computer is talking to it.

Most edge 2040

of the signals from the computer connector are not used by the printer but pass straight through the black box to be available for other, more demanding periferals such as memory expansion.

The connections and logic diagram for the chip is shown in Figure i.

A NAND gate has an output voltage close to 5 voits (high) except if all of aitsinputs are at 5 volts. In the latter unanimous case the output voltage drops to near zero volts flow). Thus we see the black wire will usually be at = volts. Working backwards, from right to left, we see that the only way the black wire will go low is if simultaneously A7 is high and both Az and TORQ are low.

IORG, which stands for input/output request, wili only go low when the computer does an IN or ልበ OUT

The port number attached GUT instruction goes onto the address bus, thus determining the voltage of signals Az and Af’. High corresponds to the bit

instruction. to the IN or

being =i, low to the bit =O. What this ail means in the case of the 2040 printer is thatt the printer will respond to any port number that: has bit #7 =1 and bit #2 =O. Port. number = 177770? in binary, where the question marks can be either zero or one.


Timex-Sinclair designated port i: Hexadecimal ) which doe indeed have bit #7 =l and bit #2 =Q But the printer will respond to ይ. ether port numbers as well not very desireable situation since othe periferals may try to use thos: ports. This is referred to a: incomplete decoding of the por: address. similar problem causes th: difficulties in expanding the 2x81 t: 64k.

The 251 (FR

back to Figure 1, the stuf printed is passed out to thi

one bit at a time, alom line D7. The other data lines ari used for control ad the printer. Thi RD and WR signals are used b circuitry within the printer to tel it whether it is supposed to printing sttuff or whether it is ti being asked for a progress report.

Refering to be printer,

As an additional note en por’ addressing, Wes Brzozowski ha: Pointed out in SINCUS NEWS, April’ 83 that the decoding logic for an I/I port should check that Ml is "high' 50 that the periferal is no accidentally activated during a

interrupt. This lack has caused som software using interrupt mode 2 ቲ( crash when certain periferals wer:





Figure |.

ch H


ower case? im Your


We ewetet

Ñ t








መኪ ጌ.ሬ | M


= ዘሃ*"1ዝ “ነህኮ”””=።።ቭ


oman sine =


he a


መኢ Par -.ቆኳ›

ቿቿች ናባ ....።.፡ 5ag

program 24 lines

tu LL ter

top CF Hj r:



amy he

~> £2 Cid eos

can Lines Pu

GU screen by ch


63802 , red numbe

x a

Fact, Eight.

numbër OF


8 COPY only the

Value PORE requ



-~ =, i


>= a FEH

== r

d weloping. anges

ch mg ERS

š = att ሒጮ So - 5 = .

vet ot LUD

ሠር ee tS

(0 ህነ . ጩየን 3 i fob ba f -* fD ss

: aou 3 Pje h: s O m ü UJ t

u 2. L. y Q cei ህነ - Eu Tn G Ni tie u. wy 1).

ቃ..*›ግ [L -. © w i (u We ger 1 '! et ሂር ርነ ረር 11418

In ፳22 ሪጅ ነ” rere

at a

ከር iH


iti oh

' tihe We

a mt

b c :22 | ፦ሥ .ኔ* rool ) 1 IT ob p i; tz = por z ñ ae GQ tH 1 114 go (K s: t -t f (A ' E ar የ) ñ -1- 1 3J 4 - የ1 vik ቧ፲ ~} f Oy E "1 (ዘ HJH :;) Tuer rd ፦:2 `` => ul

amet gh) ር) 15 6.41 iD q ፤(15- eet 20:9 ጄጅ. : |[. bth ous ፦4 Z Who Wie Hen a =ጂ4:2 ዚ1 1 + GEE Qa (T T H > +ሙቢ በ.

He ul WS w D E 24 ሮ4 = ae ገ. e ፦1፦|54፡1:5 E w yt

< df 111

4 ~m .-

= ..- ዘነ - 11


gon ከ] Heal በቤ

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by John Burns and David C. Ridge

I finished off the last morsel of ጠሃ

dessert and looked at my watch. It was only 8:00 o'clock but the storm clouds outside seemed . toa

drive to Etobicoke a copy af the newest program I had written. If only I could simply call David up and send my program via the telephone. Now that would be something special.

intimidating to and give David

Well friends as you have probably read my thoughts, that is precisely

what I did! The magic of electronic mail and telecomputing has come into my and many thousands of other computerist’s homes. With the addition of a modem weighing in at

less than a pound I have plugged into a world of information and resources so vast and accesible that one’s head whirls with the knowledge that sci-fi is here at ጠሃ fingertips. With the ease of picking up the phone I can call my friend David and send him a full computer program with all the trimmings. The program can have just a BASIC listing, or be written completely in Assembly or it may nat be a program at all. This very article which you are now reading was been wired between our computers via Ma Beli*s express for additions and editing on our respective TASWORD II wordprocessers-.

Let us not stop there. If that was all it did then I"`d admit that it was not as revolutionary as it is. Now how about this. have a question about how to set up my printer for

use with my computer. My Toronto associates are not aware of the answer. I think how nice it would be to send my problems out into the world where someane might know the solution. Again the solution is just., a call away. I connect with

CampuServe fa continent-wide network where all computerists can communicate) direct myself to the TIMEX Sinclair builetin board and simply type my inquiry onto the message board. It is here that the nucieus of who's who in computers across North America communicate.

. quotations

While on is new

the board 1 read up on whai (like minutes old) in the Timex world and then go to the mair Menu. From there I tog onto the Associated Press Newswire, get stoci from the Harvard Busines: see if American Expres: gifts for my wife’: yes, I want a plant New York in ñugust s:

Review, and has any cheap birthday. And

reservation to

I cali into TWA reservation termina: and get exposed to every airlin: flight in North America and beyond. Well my little program with th: printer can wait till tomorrow when

call up and read the half doze answers from friends in California.

Ohio, Minnesota and eleswhere. with people all ove send them mail œ programs. I qet information I wan: without the watering down for Chi masses. At any time I am able to us: my computer as a terminal fo communicating. The question that find myself now asking 35 not "Wha can I do with a modem?" But rather "How could I survive without it? Wha can 1 do next?”".

I communicate North America,

Well, now that John has got you al worked up about the fascinating worl: of telecommunications (phew! did spell it right!?), I think this is a: appropriate time to arm you with th knowledge you will need to make a intelligent and speedy acquisition ^ your modem. I should mention at thi’ time that in this series of article we will ከፎ refering to the 2068 onl: due to the authors’ lack of exposur: to ZXB1i/TSiOGO modems.


There are actually two differen modems available for the 2068. Th TS2050 made by Westrida

Communications and a unit offered b Byte Back. The 2050 is universall considered the best choice for man The TS2050 is the modem tha

reasons. TIMEX was offering and therefore i most comratibie with the 2068. I

matches the 2O49 aesthetically and ha available for it only two different purchase to da som {assuming yo

superior software Se, there are items you must serious telecomputing

already own a 2060).

Pg. 10

I should explain that the modem can be used quite effectively with the software that comes with it (MTERM I). However using MTERM I your computer becomes a "dumb terminal”. This means that you can communicate with any board or computer with your modem but you cannot upload (transmit informatian) or download (save received information), A TS 2050 modem without MTERM II smart software is like owning a fine automobile with no licence plates...limited in its use! MTERM II also provides a